Toddler's Bath : The Right Gestures

Bath time is above all a time for exchanging and sharing with your toddler. A ritual that also evolves according to the age of the child. How to get organized? Which safety gestures to adopt?

Bathing a baby from 15 months of age

Starting at 15 months, your toddler takes real baths now. Some children don't like water and panic at the thought of diving into this large pool without the safety of a deckchair or bath seat. If he is panic-stricken the first time and refuses to enter, give it a dry run! Place him/her seated and dressed in the tub without water, on a non-slip rubber bath mat to prevent slipping. Give him his toys and stay with him. It's just another way to familiarize him with this new world.

Or, once your baby is in the water and sitting comfortably, wash her baby in front of her and explain what you're doing and offer to do it for her.

To be on the safe side, to warm the tap, finish with cold water. Make sure that the drops that may be dripping are not hot.

From 2 years old

At this age, the child is able to wash himself if you have taught him how to do it. Stay by his side to watch him and rub his back.

Let him splash you, the wetter you are, the happier he will be, but don't spray him yourself, you could scare him! Of course, continue to offer him toys. It is the age of imitation, and he tries to do like mom, here is the time of bathers, dolls to soap.

When the child is 2 and a half years old or more

When discovering the difference between the sexes, at about 2 and a half years old, the child's curiosity should be expressed through words and not through physical contact with the parents.

Eroticism will grow to reach its peak between the ages of 4 and 6. It is therefore necessary to formulate the prohibitions (of incest).

The limit varies according to the children, and is posed initially with the parent of different sex.

Sharing the bathtub?

With brothers and sisters of different sex, this is posed in the same way as with parents. It all depends on how alert the child is to this aspect. In general, one or the other parent will ask to stop sharing the bathtub one day.

This is the beginning of modesty, between 3 and 4 years old. It is necessary to respect this wish and not to impose to him, even by convenience, the presence of his brother or sister in the bath or when he undresses.

Never without supervision

Until at least 5 years of age, your baby should be supervised throughout the bath time.

Even in a bath seat, he or she could slip out, roll over, and end up with his or her face in the water. Keep in mind that a child drowns quietly in a few inches of water and a two-year-old who slips in the tub won't be able to get up. It's very simple, consider yourself unreachable: a single moment of inattention, such as talking on a cell phone, can be fatal.

Always hold your child, and if you have to leave the room in a hurry, take him/her in your arms, wrapped in a towel kept close at hand. Don't give him or her to a sister or brother, even for a few moments.

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