10 Tips to Encourage Your Toddler to Brush His Teeth

Oral hygiene can be learned at an early age. To help your child develop the right reflexes, here are a few tips that will make him or her want to clean their teeth properly.

1.Get your children used to brushing their teeth as early as possible.

The sooner you get your children involved in brushing their teeth, the sooner they will develop good habits. Start the cleaning ritual as soon as the first teeth appear and gradually make it a regular, must-do appointment.

2.Invite your child to choose his or her toothbrush

Choose a toothbrush with your child that he or she will be happy to use, even if it means compromising on some of your principles. For example, you will find toothbrushes with your child's heroes on them, bright toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes or even connected toothbrushes.

3.Involve your child in brushing teeth

If your child doesn't know how to brush on his own yet, he may feel like he's going through this. Involve your child in the process, for example, by asking him to make more faces to show the back teeth or to hold a mirror.

4.Sing a nursery rhyme while you brush your teeth

As trite as it may sound, the rhyme trick works well while brushing teeth. If you're feeling creative, I even suggest you make up your own songs based on nasty cavities, magic toothbrushes and super toothpaste. Guaranteed effect!

5.Use a stopwatch

Children feel that brushing their teeth takes forever because they are not in control of the passage of time. Install an hourglass or stopwatch in the bathroom to give them cues and motivate them.

6.Be a good example

Remember that you are a role model for your toddler. If brushing next to you can convince your child to finally put that damn brush in his mouth, it would be a shame not to. You'll be able to teach your child the right thing to do. In short, clean your teeth as a family!

7.Value your child

Don't hesitate to value your child when he voluntarily brushes his teeth, when he does the right things, when he respects the time limit... so many opportunities to make him feel responsible and to show him that he can be proud of himself.

8.Brushing your child's teeth in a fun way

Although this solution is not universally accepted, it has nevertheless allowed many children to learn about tooth brushing through play. Some toothbrushes become real joysticks when connected to a tablet or smartphone. And of course, to win, you have to brush your teeth thoroughly. Find out more about the test of the Signal Playbrush connected children's toothbrush here.

9.Go on a big tooth decay hunt

What if you were to launch a big hunt for cavities, those little evil beasts that gnaw at the teeth of little ones? By adjusting a little to reality, you'll end up finding the scenario of a hectic adventure that even the most resistant children will want to take part in.

10.Read some children's dental hygiene books with them

Like many other topics of daily life, you will find many books to educate children about tooth brushing. Don't hesitate to call on their favourite heroes to convince them to adopt good habits.

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